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CategoriesEvent News

Neelambar Kaushalya

Salungan is a very remotely placed village in Bhor taluk. Girls here get the schooling up to 7th Std, and to get further education from 8th Std they need to travel out of their village to some other village. Very few girls are able to pursue the education further. Remaining girls remain at home doing […]

CategoriesHealth Camps

Salungan Health Camp

As per every year the trust conducted a medical camp on 9th Oct.2016 at Salungan.This time with free eye check up and surgery, free dental check up and treatment facility was also provided for the people of Salungan. The team included ophthalmologist Dr. Anil Paranjpe and Dr. Mrs. Medha Paranjpe, Renowned Dentist Dr. Akshay Gokhale […]

CategoriesEye Camps

Sakharpa Eye Camp

On 8th Jan 2012, patients were brought to Pune and accomodation was provided to them in a community hall. 35 patients thus brought were operated upon on 9th Jan 2012 at Nayantara eye clinic Pune. On 10th Jan 2012 post surgery examination was conducted the patients were sent back to Sakharpa by bus. The trust […]