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What is Late M.G. alias Rajabhau Achawal charitable Trust ?


About the Trust

Late M.G. alias Rajabhau Achawal charitable Trust, Pune is a registered trust under Bombay Public Trust Act 1950. The trust was founded in 2003. This trust is for people of our society, who are not economically blessed, have limited resources to look after themselves or their loved ones. 

The trust provides medical help to such people of our society.

hundreds of children helped

15+ years of service

community centers

work in rural areas

Providing Medical Help

Since 2004 we are taking FREE diagnostic and operative Eye camps. Initially We conducted  diagnostic eye camps in the Salungan Kalubai temple. Later on we started conducting  the diagnostic camp at Neelambar. The selected patients requiring eye surgeries like Cataract, Glaucoma, Squint, etc are transported to Nayan Tara Eye Clinic, Pune with the local transportation  like Jeeps, Trax. After the surgery the patients were transported back to Salungan with same transport. The Trust took care of stay, food, surgery, medications FREE.

Slowly we started adding various fraternities like: Dentistry, Ob & Gyn, General surgery. These facilities are also provided FREE.

Till the proper place was set up, we used to run Clinic On wheels in nearly 35 KMs on every Wednesday. We conducted this Clinic On Wheels for nearly 4 years. Now the medical facilities are available at Neelambar.

Now all the. Medical activities are carried out at Salungan, Neelambar.


FREE Medical Camp, EYE Camp, Dental Camp, HIV testing camp

Support For Girls

Girls in the hilly area have very limited personal life. The girl after her 7th Std school has practically no assess for education. As locally there is no school after 7th Std. If she desires to pursue further education then she has to travel to other places by bus, or local vehicles, or by foot walking at times 10 kms. The parents feel insecure. So either she gets married or helps her mother in the house hold activities, has to look after the cattle, work in fields.
We want to try and help change this. We conduct knitting, sewing training sessions FREE of cost to these girls and village ladies. At least that will make them useful to the family and if need be earn their livelihood.

kaushaly vikas

Village is New Urban

This has become a genuine problem for the locals. As the son becomes 17 or 18 then he leaves the place to earn extra money, working on highway fuel pumps, highway hotels. He earns about 6000 to 7000, send half of his earning back to parents, retaining remaining. And here the problem starts. For the first time in life he has such a amount of his own, so, all the bad habits, like smoking, chewing tobacco, visiting prostitute commence. The HIV infection is on the rise, catching young, healthy individuals. The infection reaches their homes. This is a curse of urbanisation and it catches unexposed rural population

What will happen if a tree is uprooted and planted in unknown area? The same thing happens with the locals. The land holding by these people is in hundreds of acres. Though in hilly area they need to be encouraged to cultivate these lands as it is done in Agro-Forestry. The parents sell their land holding to the rich people to support the young generation. And the time comes the money dwindles and the parents start working with the new owner of their land. The King becomes beggar. This has to stop. If we don’t do anything about it now a global disaster is round the next corner.