FREE Eye, Dental and General check up camp @ Daha Chawl

Friends, the Trust in association with Creative foundation and Bharatiya Janata Party conducted an FREE Eye, Dental and General check up camp in Daha chal area on 17th January 2021. The corporator Mrs. Manjushree S. Khardekar took immense efforts in organising and conducting this camp. Mr. Sandeep Khardekar blessed the camp.

        In all 89 patients were examined by Dr. Medha, Dr. Mihir and Dr. Anil and out of these 12 required Eye surgeries like Cataract, Pterygium, Dacrocystectomy. All patients were examined for any other symptoms, and their blood pressure and respiratory system were examined by Dr. Amogh Pathak.

        Dr. Madhura M. Achawal carried out the dental examinations and advised the patients accordingly. The patients requiring Blood sugar, blood pressure control were advised the control of Blood pressure and blood sugar. These patients will be given FREE camp benefits for one month. On the day of the camp 6 operations of Cataract and Intra Ocular Lens Implantation were performed FREE at Nayan Tara Eye clinic, Pune. The patients were provided FREE Medications and Anaesthesiology facility by the trust.

All these patients were examined after 8 days and 3 weeks. Every patient has recovered the lost vision and has become useful to their family.

All these operations were performed FREE.

The trust depends on the help from the society. The trust DOES NOT take any GOVERNMENT FINANCIAL HELP.

The trust has 80G income tax certificate where the donation is exempted from the Tax.

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